The Orchard

A residential cooperative community
in East Windsor, NJ

Welcome to the heart of East Windsor, NJ, where community thrives and neighbors become family. The Orchard community is a warm and welcoming neighborhood where residents come together to share resources, support one another, and create a truly special place to call home.

Community Spirit

Experience a strong sense of community where neighbors become friends and support one another like family.

Shared Living

Enjoy the benefits of cooperative living, including shared resources, communal spaces, and a supportive network of neighbors.

Inclusive Atmosphere

Embrace diversity and inclusivity within our community, where everyone is welcomed, respected, and valued.

Sustainable Living

Live in harmony with the environment by participating in eco-friendly initiatives and promoting sustainable practices.

Active Engagement

Engage in community events, gatherings, and activities designed to foster connections, creativity, and personal growth.

Empowered Residents

Take an active role in shaping the future of our community through democratic decision-making, shared responsibilities, and collective action.

The Orchard buildings


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Where Community Feels Like Home!